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RMC is a UAE Ready mix concrete portal




RMC is a UAE Ready mix concrete portal, get best concrete quotes from a list of concrete suppliers in UAE, find technical information about concrete, and receive the latest news about concrete prices. One agent can supply anywhere in UAE.


What are the components materials of a ready mix and the ratio for?

The main components materials of ready mix concrete are:

  1. Cement 100% (OPC, SRC, OR MSRPC) with /without GGBS (36-80%), Fly ash (26-55%) and Micro silica (4-10%), in Dubai emirate all concrete except RTA projects must be with GGBS or Fly ash.
  2. AggregatesCoarse aggregates 20 & 10 mm) and Fine aggregates (Sand 5mm and dune sand). The ratio of (Coarse / Fine) for normal concrete 55/45 and for self-compacting concrete (SCC) it is 40-45/55-60
  3. Water
  4. Chemical admixture (High range water reducer and retarder), the range of dose 2-3% of total cement content in the concrete mix.
  5. Other additives such as waterproofing agent and corrosion inhibitors

The concrete mixes for villas mostly is 40 N/mm², and for building it range from 40 – 80 N/mm² dependent on the No. of floors and purpose of use

Regarding bridges, RTA in Dubai specify the mix grades in range mostly 30-50 N/mm² and some projects 60 N/mm² (cement with Micro silica).

What is the current price of the component materials?
  • Cement – OPC Dh.200  AND GGBS Dh.190   
  • Aggregate 3/4,3/8 and 3/16 @ range of Dh.36 per ton
  • Dune Sand Dh.19 per ton 
  • Chemical for normal concrete Dh.185 per liter
How is the ready mix sold in the market (by metric ton?)
  • Cubic Meter
What is the price per unit/Ton?
  • For mostly used C40/20 Dh.220 per cubic meter
What is the normal capacity of RMC Truck?
  • 9 cm