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Ready Mix Concrete Materials for Feasibility Study

The main components materials of ready mix concrete are

1.      Cement 100% (OPC, SRC, OR MSRPC) with /without GGBS (36-80%), Fly ash (26-55%) and Micro silica (4-10%), in Dubai emirate all concrete except RTA projects must be with GGBS or Fly ash.

2.      AggregatesCoarse aggregates 20 & 10 mm) and Fine aggregates (Sand 5mm and dune sand). The ratio of (Coarse / Fine) for normal concrete 55/45 and for self-compacting concrete (SCC) it is 40-45/55-60

3.      Water

4.      Chemical admixture (High range water reducer and retarder), the range of dose 2-3% of total cement content in the concrete mix.

5.      Other additives such as waterproofing agent and corrosion inhibitors

The concrete mixes for villas mostly is 40 N/mm², and for building it range from 40 – 80 N/mm² dependent on the No. of floors and purpose of use

Regarding bridges, RTA in Dubai specify the mix grades in range mostly 30-50 N/mm² and some projects 60 N/mm² (cement with Micro silica).

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