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Safety Alert-Legal Update – Vehicle loading limits

Legal Update – Awareness Promotion among the entities of
the Waste sector, who use trucks / heavy vehicles.

Federal Law No. (8) of 1986 dated 18/03/1986 Concerning
the Determination of the Axle Payload of Vehicles Using the
Paved Roads has been amended by Sep 2023. Following a
grace period of 4 months (Oct, Nov, Dec 2023 & Jan 2024),
the amended law comes into effect from 01-Feb-2024.

Requirement: –

Starting from February 2024, the UAE will enforce a ban on
heavy vehicles exceeding a maximum total weight of 65
tons from using the country’s roads, following the
federal law regulating the weights and dimensions of heavy
vehicles. This step aims to preserve the advanced
infrastructure of the country and elevate road safety

This applies on the road, however, the same shall be adapted
inside any site too. Overloaded vehicles shall not be
accepted by the operators.

Violations will attract penalties from the traffic authorities
and enforcement actions are additional.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Amend your legal register accordingly.
  2. Communicate this requirement to your operations
    / Fleet section to plan the vehicle loading
  • While loading, ensure the weight is within
  • Drivers and crew shall be informed well,
    including those who request the service
  • The staff of the operators/gatekeepers shall
    not allow overloaded vehicles.
  • Reporting violations encountered by the entity
    HSE focal point.
  1. Verify compliance through your internal
    inspections, monitoring, and audit mechanisms.

RMC Admin
Author: RMC Admin